Illegal Stamps

If you have recently noticed fake postage stamps or have doubts about the legality of some stamps on sale, we would be really grateful for your information. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed. Please fill the form indicating where you noticed illegal postage stamps and send us a message. Thank you for your responsibility and willingness to cooperate in eliminating illegal postage stamps from the market.

The philatelic agency Stamperija Ltd., the official representative of Mozambique post office.

защита авторского права
развитие младших школьников
russian ladies

Postage stamps can be issued legally by the postal administration of a corresponding country or its authorized philatelic agents. Legally issued postage stamps cover the costs of postal services in a corresponding country.

During the legal process of creating postage stamps all the most important stages of production (themes, designs, circulation, denomination, release date) are coordinated between the agent and the post administration. Philatelic agent takes responsibility to produce only original and high quality postage stamps for sale.

Illegal stamps are the stamps which may be looking very similar to the official stamps of a corresponding country but their producer does not have a necessary contract to produce them or violates the agreement. Such postage stamps are not acknowledged by post administration and cannot be used to cover the costs of postal services.

The circulation of illegal postage stamps in the markets causes a lot of damage to collectors, legal philatelic agents and postal administrations.

Legal postage stamps are described and listed by post administration or in the official websites and stamp catalogues of the authorized philatelic agents: Yvert et Tellier (France), Michel (Germany), Scott (USA). Postage stamps are also listed in various philatelic periodicals.

Fake stamps ≠ illegal stamps.

Correct synonyms of “illegal stamps” are “bogus stamps” or “unofficial stamps”. Less correctly but softer they may be called “cinderella stamps”, “phantasy stamps”, etc.

Illegal stamps should not be confused with fake stamps.

“Fake stamps” is a synonym to “counterfeit stamps” which would go for the illegal copies of official stamps (this activity is classified as criminal offence in many countries). A person trying to produce fake stamps would usually acquire the original ones or the files from which they were produced and would try to produce very similar copies pretending those are the original ones. 

The phrase “illegal stamps” means private newly created labels imitating usual forms, paper and other features of appearance of postage stamps and simulating relations to a postal administration whose name they are illegally using.

The production of illegal stamps is illegal vis-à-vis the concerned postal administration and the sale of such stamps is a fraud vis-à-vis a collector (unless he/she is informed about the real status of such product). The system of production and sales of illegal stamps are harmful for philately as a hobby and fair philatelic trade.

Currently there is no information about fake Mozambique postage stamps.